X3 Editor


Note: X3 Editor is no longer actively developed. It was superseded by X3 Editor 2.

X3 Editor requires Visual Basic runtime libraries and Visual C runtime libraries.

The installer will check that the libraries are present on your system and download them if necessary.

Unfortunately it doesn't work all the time, so if you cannot start the program after installation, try installing the libraries manually to the same directory where you installed the X3E.


(optional components)

Developer's Image Library for X3E301 KB Apr 03 2006 Allows X3E to display icons in TLaser and TMissile files


(you must have the respective version of X3 Editor)

X3 Editor 0.14 to 0.15216 KB Mar 09 2007 Last version compatible with X3 Reunion.

X3 Editor

(full version)

X3 Editor 0.0.24418 KB Nov 03 2008 Only for X3 Terran Conflict.
X3 Editor 0.0.14409 KB Jan 16 2007 Last version compatible with X3 Reunion.